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The new regime for financial advice in New Zealand came into force on 15 March 2021, the Financial Advisers Act 2008 has been repealed. Find out more about the new regime here.

The following information provides you with an important overview of Curated Risk Limited, our duties to you, fees and how we manage complaints.


Sun Insurance Limited, FSP1000127, holds a financial advice provider licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority.  Sun Insurance Limited FSP410646, is authorized by that licence to provide financial advice services.


Sun Insurance Limited provides advice to our clients about their general and life insurance needs. Our financial advisers provide financial advice in relation to domestic general insurance, such as house,  contents, landlords, motor vehicle and boat insurance, as well as commercial general insurance, such as commercial property, business interruption, commercial motor, marine, liability, professional indemnity and cyber insurance.  In addition we also can provide advice about life and health.  When providing our advice, we access a wide range of general insurance products from various general insurance providers in both the local and overseas market.


Sun Insurance Limited may charge you a fee and charges for providing financial advice and for arranging, altering or cancelling your general insurance programme.  If a fee will be charged, you will be advised at the time the financial advice is provided.

In some circumstances we may recommend another service provider to assist us in providing appropriate financial advice. These providers can include property valuers, property surveyors and motor vehicle valuations. These providers will charge a fee for the work they do. We will advise you of any related fees and charges prior to having them commence any work on your behalf.


Sun Insurance Limited may receive a commission when you when you pay your invoice for insurance cover or if we refer you to a premium funder with whom you enter into a premium funding arrangement.

Sun Insurance Limited may pay your financial adviser a salary, plus bonuses and other incentives.


Sun Insurance Limited and our advisers receive commission when you accept our financial advice and purchase an insurance policy.
The commission is paid to us and our advisers by the insurer.  It can be between the range of 5-24% of the insurer portion (total premium of the Insurance Policy less government levies and taxes).

We recognize that the above commissions and incentives may create conflicts of interests for Sun Insurance Limited and your financial adviser.  To manage these conflicts, we follow an advice process that ensures our recommendations are made based on your financial goals and circumstances. Sun Insurance Ltd undertakes compliance audits of your financial adviser, who undergoes specialized training in this area.  Sun Insurance also annually audits our conflicts of interest compliance framework.

We may, however, choose to rebate all or some commissions and charge you a fee based on the nature of the service we provide.



If you are not fully satisfied with our services, please contact your financial adviser or Sun Insurance Limited , who will try to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. 

If a satisfactory resolution is not able to be achieved, your financial adviser or Sun Insurance Limited will refer your complaint to the Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), of which Sun Insurance Limited is a member.  FSCL is an approved independent dispute resolution scheme which handles complaints against financial service providers, including insurance brokers.  FSCL is free to consumers and its decisions are binding on us (but not on you).  Further information about FSCL is available from .  You may contact FSCL directly on 0800 347 257.



We believe in delivering the most appropriate advice, built upon our four core business pillars, Trust, Advice, Choice and Value.

We are bound by duties under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (Act), we are required to:

// Meet certain standards of competence, knowledge and skill, as set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (Code of Conduct). These have been designed to ensure that we have the relevant expertise to provide you with advice.

// Take reasonable steps to ensure that you understand the nature and scope of the advice we give you and let you know if there are any limitations on the advice we provide. This will help you ensure that the advice provided meets your goals and objectives.

// Give priority to your interest, by taking all reasonable steps to make sure our advice isn’t materially influenced by our own interests.

// Exercise a prudent level of care, diligence and skill.

// Meet certain standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care as required by the Code of Conduct. These are designed to ensure that we treat you as we should and give you suitable advice.

// Not offer or recommend a financial product that contravenes the Act or related regulations. This gives you peace of mind that the products we recommend are compliant with relevant laws.

// Make certain disclosure information available to you, at certain times, for example when advice is provided. We must not provide false, misleading or incomplete information. You can access the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services here.



SUN INSURANCE, started in 2015, as a financial adviser business specializing in fire and general advice.

SUN INSURANCE's sole director is Mariano Fernandez - Soto (FSP410646).  Sun Insurance Limited (FSP1000127) is authorized by a financial advice provider licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice services.


Mariano has worked in the New Zealand insurance industry for over 15 years, in adviser roles. He is passionate about the industry and assisting his clients by providing clear advice. He thrives on opportunities to utilize his strong relationship skills and wide personal networks to create growth and opportunity for his client’s businesses.


SUN INSURANCE provides advice and access to insurers for domestic insurance requirements, such as home, rental properties, holiday houses, vehicles and travel insurance.

Personal insurance is often overlooked. Attention and advice in this sphere can ensure that the assets you’ve built for your family and future are protected by cover which is appropriate and effective.

Insurers have a wide range of products, designed to provide different levels of cover for your lifestyle and pursuits. Access to all these solutions, and an understanding of these product specifications helps to curate options to match your individual needs.


The regulatory and legislative framework is continually evolving, and SUN INSURANCE is centred around an understanding that clients are unique. Your insurance programme should play a complementary part in how your business interacts with the complex legal market environments in which you operate.

The consequences of overlooking these exposures and requirements can be exponentially harmful to your business and reputation.

Understanding that not all insurance policies are created equal, not all risks can be covered, knowing that some Insurers have specialist knowledge and expertise in specific facets of coverage, or industries, and being able to navigate the myriad of terms offered, is essential. This is where SUN INSURANCE excels.

We have experience in placing all types of liability insurance for sole practitioners, professional firms, private businesses, not-for-profit entities, and industry association groups.

Clients need to make confident decisions about their insurance placement. SUN INSURANCE will present clear recommendations which will cut through the white noise.

SUN INSURANCE has experience in advising and placing;

// Professional Indemnity

// Medical Malpractice

// Public Liability

// Statutory Liability

// Employers Liability

// Employment Disputes Liability

// Cyber Insurance

// Crime or Fidelity Insurance

// Directors and Officers Insurance

// Association Liability

// Legal Expenses coverage for intellectual property.


Business Insurance traditionally encompasses the insurance which protects the assets and key equipment transferring the risks of fire, flood and natural disaster to an insurance policy, which will repair or replace these assets and allow the continuity of business operations with minimal disruption.

How a business operates, and the philosophies that the business is built on, flow through the risk management of that business. Understanding individuals, the strategies and their plans for the future, whether expansion or succession planning, and the relationship with your key suppliers, will help to formulate options which we can then curate into recommendations to ensure your businesses resilience.

SUN INSURANCE has experience in advising both corporate and small medium enterprises but has specific passion in working with passionate owner managers in SME’s.


We can place solutions for:

// Material Damage Insurance

// Business Interruption

// Commercial Motor Vehicle & fleets

// Commercial Plant

// Machinery Breakdown covers

// Marine Cargo Insurance

// Corporate & Pleasure Travel Insurance, outbound & inbound


// Business Finance

We have provided advice to clients across a wide range of industries, and have worked extensively with individual businesses and industry groups across:

// Specialist construction trades

// Retail

// Franchise operations

// Hospitality

// Textiles and fashion

// Logistics

// Sports and Recreation

// Event Management

// Marine

Every trade groups has unique characteristics of individual professions or trades and their insurance programme should be able to reflect this.

It is this creative approach which focuses on how an insurance programme can be best structured rather than accepting an off the shelf approach to insurance that has led to the ethos behind SUN INSURANCE.


SUN INSURANCE can also assist on personal risks.  If we have poor health for example every thing else fails.

SUN INSURANCE has experience in advising and placing;

// Health Insurance

// Life Insurance

// TPD

// Trauma

// Income Protection

// Mortgage Insurance

// Finance, bridging

// Finance for business

//  KiwiSaver

// Travel Insurance outbound / inbound


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