17 Feb 2018

“It’s going to be a bad day. The question is: How bad of a day is it going to be?” says John Farley, vice president and cyber risk practice leader at Hub International. In the immediate aftermath of a cybersecurity event, risk managers must make myriad decisions. “If t...

17 Feb 2018

If your business interruption (BI) insurance policy doesn’t include cyber non-damage cover, 2018 is the year to seriously reconsider. For the sixth year in a row, BI took the top spot in Allianz’ Risk Barometer 2018 report, with respondents citing the advent of new los...

12 Feb 2018


Whether you have stumbled into the land of being self-employed (forced into it through work circumstances such as Contracting), or you have made the bold decision to take control of your work life, running your own business is a scary and exc...

11 Feb 2018

Until recently, most New Zealanders’ lives had well defined boundaries that made it easier for insurers to assess and price risk. 

But the sharing economy is changing the way we use our assets and belongings – and blurring the lines of traditional insurance policies. 


10 Feb 2018


Sun Insurance offers cyber insurance designed for New Zealand businesses including professional services firms.  Cyber insurance is tailored to help a business mitigate the costs involved with recovery after a cyber related security or privacy event.


Cyber ins...

4 Feb 2018


the results are in and unfortunately your blood sugar’s up.

Chances are you know this elevated level increases your risk of diabetes, and, depending on how high it is, could even land you with a ‘prediabetes’ diagnosis.

Before panicking, know this state can be re...

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