23 Apr 2018

Burglary, theft and aggravated robbery is becoming a big problem for small retail outlets, and the number of reported incidents of violence against dairy and liquor store owners, staff and customers during robbe

Now the Government is offering subsidises for businesses t...

15 Apr 2018

Most of us want to be liked at work. 

And whether we care to admit it, sometimes we say or do things just to keep the peace, even if they’re not conducive to our end goals. 

Consider last week, for example … What did you do (or not do), say (or not say) to avoid conflict...

15 Apr 2018

Teeth brushing sounds simple enough, but when it comes to keeping your pearly whites in good nick, there are some tricks worth knowing.

Ever heard of pairing wine with dairy, not for the taste, but for the dental protection, for example?

Coming up, how to take the best c...

4 Apr 2018

New Zealand will be $30 billion better off if it responds to climate change sooner rather than later, according to a report from Westpac.

Westpac commissioned research on moving to a low carbon economy that modelled two scenarios – one that involved an earlier and smoot...

4 Apr 2018

Tower Insurance will start pricing premiums according to how at-risk a property is to earthquake damage, it has been revealed.

According to a report by Radio New Zealand, thousands of Tower’s customers situated in high-risk regions started paying hundreds of dollars mor...

27 Mar 2018

Insurance protection for Directors & officers and the company's obligations to indemnify directors' and officers. A must have insurance cover for all directors and officers of any company.

2 Mar 2018

It’s a staple in many countries, with around 475.64 million metric tons of rice consumed globally in 2016/17, according to statistics company Statista.

Meanwhile, a World Health Organisation report places the number of adults with diabetes in 2014 at a staggering 422 mi...

17 Feb 2018

“It’s going to be a bad day. The question is: How bad of a day is it going to be?” says John Farley, vice president and cyber risk practice leader at Hub International. In the immediate aftermath of a cybersecurity event, risk managers must make myriad decisions. “If t...

17 Feb 2018

If your business interruption (BI) insurance policy doesn’t include cyber non-damage cover, 2018 is the year to seriously reconsider. For the sixth year in a row, BI took the top spot in Allianz’ Risk Barometer 2018 report, with respondents citing the advent of new los...

12 Feb 2018


Whether you have stumbled into the land of being self-employed (forced into it through work circumstances such as Contracting), or you have made the bold decision to take control of your work life, running your own business is a scary and exc...

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