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Have you been affected by the wild weather?

Things to consider

Safety is always the top priority, so please remain alert and follow advice to stay away from any evacuated areas until it's safe to return.

Remember to follow the instructions from Civil Defence and other authorities.

It’s important for those whose homes or businesses that have been affected to only return when it’s safe to do so - making sure the building looks safe to enter and carefully checking the structure for damage, as well as gas, water or electrical lines and appliances.

If you need to lodge a claim, we recommend getting these in as soon as possible, documenting any damage (either photos or video) and creating a list of all damaged items prior to attempting any clean-up effort. Our wild weather recovery hub has information and tips on what to do if you or your clients have been affected, and the Insurance Council of New Zealand also has flooding advice.

For those impacted and experiencing significant hardship, or who may be in a vulnerable position made worse by the floods, please let us know. When emailing, please ensure this is noted and provide your client's contact details and policy number so we can ensure they are being appropriately supported.

How to lodge claims

New claims

When lodging the claim, make sure the policy number is included in the subject line and a brief description of what has happened, such as ‘storm/weather event claim’ in this instance (please include a bank account as this will speed up payment, once the settlement is agreed).

If you need assistance with any claims or need to discuss your policies you can call us on 09 360 5555 or Mariano on 0273 000666.


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