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Hope you’ve had a great week. This week’s tip:

Private Hospitals

As we all know the public health system is almost the unfixable problem. A key function of a hospital is to not only fix people who are ill or injured but to provide a space for rest and recuperation from the injury or illness.

Speaking from experience hospitals are arguably the worst place to get any kind of rest and recuperation. Noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask are two items I would recommend to anyone who is in going to be a guest of the public health system.

Whereas private hospitals are the polar opposite – get your own room with restaurant quality food on offer and most of all it’s a space where you can successfully rest and recuperate.

So what’s the best way to get access to private hospitals – Health Insurance. In particular Easy Health, Ultimate Health and Ultimate Health Max with NIB, and, you can call us any time to discuss your personal needs and/or those of your company on:

Tel:: 09 360 5555 or

Mob: 0273 000666

E mail:

Theres a great article on Stuff (albeit tongue and cheek) on the recuperating benefits of Private Hospitals – click herefor the link.

We cannot succeed without the support of those around us

Have a great weekend.

and don’t forget……Health comes first.

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