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Insuring Children

A lot of clients think the public health system will look after their kids. To a point this is true however the reality is children’s health care is subject to the same constraints as anyone else in the public system.

One of the constraints being wait lists. Kids have to wait on the wait list just like everyone else.

The big four procedures that are most common amongst children are tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, grommets, and the removal of teeth.

An example from a member in our network:

My daughter suffered from constant ear infections when she was one year old. She really struggled to sleep, it affected her balance, and she was just constantly feeling crook. This was 32 years ago and the wait list for the public system was 12 months. Luckily, we had health insurance so we got the procedure done within 2 weeks. Even if we didn’t have health cover, we would have paid for it ourselves as there is no way I was putting my daughter through what she was going through for a further 12 months.

Am pretty sure the wait list hasn’t improved since then.

So if the parents aren’t interested in Health Insurance then at the very least insure the kids. You can use Easy Health, Ultimate Health or Ultimate Health Max and just insure the kids on their own. Ultimate Health Max costs a mere $20 (plus policy fee with $500 excess) a month.

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